Active Inspire- A true Inspiration!

This week our Lovely Sam, from the Teaching & Learning team delivered an excellent session on how to use Active Inspire on the new Promethean boards we will have in our new build.

So what’s the rush? well…It is official we have 5 days left in the old building- a mix of sadness and excitement for any of us who have been here a few years! But it is time for a new adventure and we are certainly more prepared than we ever expected to be!


Sam helped show us that ActivInspire helps teachers bring lessons to life with rich, powerful activities that grab students’ attention, blending real-time assessment and real-world experience into the learning process.

There are 100s of reasons why you should use Active Inpsire in the classroom- And here are a few to get you feeling a little more confident and technologically aware…


Within this Playlist of videos you can learn basic elements such as using the toolbar, uploading and writing over PDFs, using the spotlight, magic ink and an array of exciting tools to bring your lessons alive!

Here are some of the ideas Sam showed us at Butterfly this week:


Everyone’s worry, everyone has I am sure had a panic about this- but fear not! The years and hours of planning lessons and SOW are safe- and can be used- but in an even better way!

Simply upload or convert to PDF and annotate until your heart is content- trust us it really does bring the lesson off the page/ screen and gives you so many opportunities to stretch and Challenge your learners. No two lessons will ever be the same again!

Variety is of course the spice of life!


Personally, this such a great tool ( if like me your handwriting could be better) With the ipad, at times, handwriting isn’t always clear- it depends on a few factors, stylus pens and the quality of them being the most impacting. However, with Active inspire you have the freedom to write on the board, and with one highlight and click, it is converted, in an instant to text- no more “Miss what does that say?”


With Sam being one of our amazing Art teachers, it was lovely to see the variety of tools she can already use on Active Inspire- and demonstrate the learning power these simple tools can have. Magic Ink is something very different and the kids love it! It could definitely be used in every subject and could be used as engaging starters or plenaries- give it a try! (the video explains how to use it!)


Lastly- the support you receive through Promethean Planet is out of this world-especially if you are a science teacher- you are very lucky- 1000s of resources and lessons ready, made and waiting for you to download and use! Go on have a browse this weekend!

Active Inspire has definitely Inspired us this week and having walked the new building yesterday, I know for a fact, staff at Westfield Academy are ready and patiently waiting to use these new ICT skills and become and technology Wizz kids in the classroom!

As always, any questions Please just ask.

Emma 🙂



Butterfly #5 The Secret Success of Socrative!

Our ICT knowledge is expanding by the week, and the staff body at Westfield Academy are really getting stuck in and experimenting with new ways to create exciting, interesting and engaging FL strategies. Butterfly CPD sessions have never been so well-attended and there is definitely a buzz of excitement in the air! imag0983Socrative is your classroom app for fun, effective classroom engagement. No matter where or how you teach, Socrative allows you to instantly connect with students as learning happens.

What does this app do?

Quickly assess students with prepared activities or on-the-fly questions to get immediate insight into student understanding. Then use auto-populated results to determine the best instructional approach to most effectively drive learning.

Why do we love it?


Design and edit your own library of assessments specifically for your students. Save them to your Socrative account to use at a moment’s notice.


Look how enthusiastic and competitive our staff are at the General Knowledge quiz!



Review student understanding at the class, individual student, or question-level. And, because each Socrative report is saved to your account, you can quickly download, email, or transfer reports to Google Drive anytime.


This personally is why I LOVE Socrative! marking and AFL in lesson and at home has never been so easy- instant reports sent to your email- instant marking-instant feedback!


Launch activities in easy-to-create virtual rooms to instantly engage your students, whether they’re in class or learning remotely. Share the unique code to ask students to join your room.


Space Races

Encourage friendly competition among students with an intergalactic quiz bowl. Turn any gradable assessment into a crowd-pleasing activity as individuals or groups race across the screen with correct answers. Celebrations guaranteed.

imag0988Our staff were so engaged at 8am on Tuesday morning- imagine what results this kind of testing could have with your classes!! Healthy competition in an engaging and stimulating environment leads to rapid and sustained progress- you need socrative in your life!


Look at Miss Vincent and Miss Larkin after they won the space race- a picture of absolute joy and success! 🙂


Visualize student understanding in the moment as student results populate your screen in real time. Use the instant feedback to determine next steps in your instruction.



Live results were posted as the quiz was completed- the staff were able to share in their success and learn from their mistakes- the perfect feedback and plenary to our butterfly. This can really change the Peer and self assessment tools you use in your classroom and gives pupils a  better insight into how they can increase their confidence and ability.

We love it at Westfield Academy, and cannot wait to get stuck in, in our new build and use it daily, as part of our new ICT toolkit.

Please feel free to share your experiences and any other AFL apps you use- Our fantastic PE teacher, Mr Murphy has also Trialled Kahoot and loved it- more to come on that soon! 🙂