The Westfield Way


Every school is a unique environment, and that concoction is often what gets under our skin, and us up in the morning. In setting out our core procedures, we wanted to establish a set of expectations for the classroom, and specifically for the new build, based on what we know about our students and how they learn best.

We make no apology for this, some are very much old school, and they are what we believe in and have found to be conducive for successful learning. Our CPD goes hand-in-hand with these expectations so we ensure that staff are supported in driving them.

So without further ado…

The way in…

The Westfield Way

  1. Meet, Great and Learn

Teachers meet their classes, 1 foot in 1 foot out. Pupils stand behind their chairs, based on the class seating plan and take out equipment and Planners. A Hook should be visible and ready for pupils to complete.

The classroom is a safe, engaging and stimulating environment for all to learn.

  1. Learning Objectives

Objectives ensure pupils are given clear and precise guidance on what they will learn by the end of the lesson (the lesson direction). Outcomes must stage the skills they will learn (Blooms) and embed during the lesson, and must be linked to grades / levels. They should link with the I-A-R cycle and be referenced and reviewed throughout the lesson.

  1. Input Activity Review I-A-R

Teachers must plan lessons making maximum use of lesson time and coordinate resources using the IAR cycle. This allows for exposition, engagement and assessment / feedback throughout the lesson.

  1. Challenge for All

Teachers differentiate appropriately, using approaches which enable pupils to learn effectively (scaffold up & down). The class context sheet must be used to illustrate an assertive understanding of all pupils in the class, so that consistent high expectations of learning and behaviour are embedded.

  1. Checking for Learning

Teachers must check the learning and progress of all pupils, through effective questioning and formative assessment strategies. This will enable teachers and pupils to be aware of the gaps in their understanding.

Teachers will use examples, models or exemplars to model quality and less than quality work.

  1. Regular Testing & Assessment

Teachers will provide summative assessments, as per the marking Policy: 1 blue Sticker and 1 regular test, per half term. Teachers will record this data on Go4Schools, and use this to provide descriptive feedback and guide students to set improvement goals.

  1. ICT

Teachers will promote and use ICT to design focused lessons, to meet students’ technological needs in the 21st century. Teachers must use their Promethean board to deliver engaging and purposeful lessons.

  1. Homework

Teachers will set Homework, as per the Homework guidelines: KS3 ½hour once a week and Ks4 1 hour once a week. Homework should extend the learning in the classroom and be engaging and purposeful, promoting a love for independent learning.

  1. Consolidation

Teachers must incorporate a plenary/consolidation phase into the end of the lesson, to ensure pupils are able to present their learning and what skills they have used and developed. This is essential for teachers to be able to reflect and address any obvious gaps in knowledge and plan for a successful sequence of learning over time.

  1. Smooth Dismissal

At the end of the lesson it is expected that pupils pack up silently, stand behind their chairs and wait to be dismissed. It is expected that teachers follow them out and ensure behaviour and conduct is appropriate in the corridors.

These expectations are the foundation for improving learning in the classroom.

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