Preparing for PMR: Supporting Success


PMR can be a  stressful time for colleagues and it involves a lot of planning and preparation- especially when we want to achieve our targets and grow into the best teachers we can.

So for our recent CPD cycle, we decided to change up our training and design a pick and mix style session- where staff brought their Pre-Pmr observation booklets and evaluated their successes and where they wold like to improve.

Westfield Academy PrePMR evaluation

We then provided a range of support/ resources and guidance for staff on a number of areas, that we, as the teaching & Learning team, decided were crucial for staff development.

IMAG1270.jpgimages (14)

Below we have broken it down into essential sections for a successful observation (whether you are NQT, training or a well-established teacher) there are resources that everyone can use and adapt and more importantly make your life just that little bit easier!


  • Input-Activity-Review Cycle
  • Starters and Plenaries



5 minute lesson plan





questioning stems


Stretch and Challenge 

stretch an challengethinking-cats

Learning Objectives and Outcomes


Context sheets & Lesson Pan

  • what should go into a context sheet?
  • How much Information is too much?
  • Seating plans

learning diversity.png

model context sheet

5 minute lesson plan

Assessment for Learning 

  • Mind maps for reviews and consolidation

maths cross curricular

  • In lesson strategies

afl 4

  • Keyword Tennis as a fun consolidation activity

key word tennis

  • Blue Stickers and Whole School marking Policy

afl 3


Behaviour For Learning 

Behaviour 4 Learning Strategies

Behaviour for Learning Class Jobs


A successful observation is a combination of fantastic planning, enthusiasm and ensuring you do everything to ensure your pupils make adequate progress.

Top Tips:

  1. Ask colleagues to team teach/ look over your lesson plans in the lead up to your observation- subject specialists could give you great ideas.
  2. Don’t plan to use a new whizzy AFL strategy in your observation if you have never trialled it beforehand.
  3. Prepare using a simple 5min plan
  4. Be consistent and follow policy procedures to ensure a calm learning environment
  5. Question throughout your lesson- ensure you know where pupils are at in their learning cycle. Act upon it- adapt- if they are not sure.




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