PMR preparation & planning for Success

It is getting to that time of the term when you are due your PMR review. This can be stressful and at times, quite an overwhelming process, especially when you want to show off your skill and show that your precious pupils are making the progress expected of them.

images (16)

so how do you plan a brilliant lesson and help the observer know your class?

The success is all in the planning and your observation pack!

images (17).jpg

So what exactly is a PMR observation pack? and how will it help me? 

This is evidence of you, your class and how you help them take the necessary steps to succeed and make progress. That’s a big task- and sometimes a lot of what you do in the classroom can be overlooked, especially when you only have 60mins to highlight the 60 hours you have put in place that week! So therefore, we need to break it down and make it very clear- exactly what we have done and HOW it will impact your learners.

1st. Context sheet- the bible of your lesson plan. 

model context sheet

2nd. Seating plan- annotated. 

images (1)

3rd. Lesson plan- 5 min plan- very clear breakdown of the direction of the lesson. 

5 minute lesson plan

4th. Annotated/ labelled lesson ppt/ resources

copy of lesson


5th. Scaffold/ differentiated/ extension tasks and labelled with what students. 


6th. Questioning

maths 5

You need to question and check pupil progress and every given opportunity. Go between higher and lower order questioning. Check their understanding- reflect on their understanding- adapt if necessary. challenge them- stretch their capacity. Don’t give up on them.


Make sure you have made it explicitly clear which students will require scaffold  work and what their starting point is. This makes it very easy for the observer to understand what progress has been made and if it is sufficient. The clearer you make this for your observer the easier your observation will be.

images (2)

Lastly, Please do not try some new and technical strategy on the day of your observation- this is bound to be difficult and could be a disaster. Practise what you want to get better at in the lead up to your observation. Try new techniques and try them every day until they are a success- new strategies take time, effort and care to be successful. Remember Observers are looking for progress over time.





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