Continuing to show Year 11 the water…


Every Wednesday morning at 7.55am we meet as a teaching cohort to discuss and share strategies. This follows our Butterfly programme from previous years, and is an opportunity for colleagues and faculties to showcase what works for them. These then become further choices and opportunities to stretch and challenge our students.

Showing how to… is vital. The platitudes of ‘you need to get on’ are just not enough; strategies have to be modelled to students to equip them for study and success. Why should they know before we show them? We certainly didn’t.

Following up  the Year 11 Study Skills day in January, all teachers have been trained this week in a system to further strengthen the 12 revision techniques that all GCSE students now know .Picture2

Any revision resources are strengthened by using the following:







The theory behind this is that the very act of thinking about which colour pen to use or stopping to underline a word helps the brain make links which improves our memory; it also means that looking at the resource later, whilst revising, is so much more stimulating.

Consider mind-maps.  Creating them on computer doesn’t have nearly as many benefits and looking back at a personalised one has far more meaning than a computer-generated one.

So Year 11 and 13 as you move in to this final intense period of revision and Year 11s start their Saturday revision – a few packs of post-its, some highlighter pens and a ruler can take you a long way!

Staff session on revision strategies

Teachers during their 1 minute trying to remember a set of 25 words with using the PUCCU system.


As a staffing body, we gave now been putting this into action with our own teaching…

Music students trialled a Will Smith-style rap

Mel has gone from a post-it to a sing-it!

“Now here’s the development all about how

Beethoven turned tonality all the way round

The expo’s in C and now it’s in E

Then straight after he turns it in to a G

He’s like a rollercoaster going round an’ round

Uses legato to make real smooth sounds

Now it’s staccato and mums, it’s not relaxed

It makes it bare lively, short and detached

All dynamic contrast, it’s so extreme,

Including f, double f, triple f, FP!

Crescendo’s, diminues, everythings used

You’ll have to be a virtoH or be confused!”

 Our Saturday sessions started this weekend, and were fantastically attended. Well done to all involved!



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