Music is the sound of …revision

Miss Dunkley led a fantastic session on Wednesday about using Music to engage and inspire pupils during revision.


As teachers we can appreciate the vast range of subjects and content our pupils have to revise coming up to exam season. Therefore we thought we would give a different method a go!

In English Lessons this week we have been using the Macbeth revision song as a challenge to remember Key quotes! It has worked fantastically (even if the boys pretended it wasn’t their preferred music genre)




The rule is- use the song if it is able to do 1 of the following:

  • Explain a formula or rule
  • Recite key themes
  • Recite key quotes
  • Understands the topic/ genre or context

You might even like to go as far as making one of your own You tube videos or setting it for homework so the pupils make their own.

A lovely Heart song for budding scientists!


The key to success with music and revision is to enable the pupils to apply their knowledge after listening to the song 2-3 times.

Mrs Keys did this with her year 11 class and they then produced mind maps of key scenes- feeling very proud of their ability to remember a great amount of key quotes for their literature exam.



Here is a fantastic worth-a-read Guardian article by an educational psychologist who talks about the benefits of varying your revision strategies’.

We would love to hear your success stories using music for revision! 🙂






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