Beating Wings II

‘If sufficient butterflies were to beat their wings in the Amazonian forest they could trigger a hurricane thousands of miles away…’

Previous Butterflies have been a successful way of meeting informally, having breakfast and discussing classroom best practice in a relaxing and convivial atmosphere. Underlying this is the key driver – sharing what we are all good at, what we are all here for … and providing the very best teaching and learning environments and strategies for those we ultimately work for, the students.

So these sessions are here as a fortnightly supportive ‘every little helps’ pathway where little indispensable nuggets of information are shared and readily available for immediate and effective use.

The power of thank you- Chris



Raise expectations instantly by not saying please…you expect that the task is done, so end your sentence with a thank you. …students will soon become accustomed to this ‘no way out’ and high expectation approach.

Constant recap- Teresa

It is crucial to read through examiners reports as a way of steering us by learning from past ‘mistakes’ to aim for the highest grades possible.

-One point raised was students lack of using key terminology when answering even simple questions, therefore losing out on crucial marks.

A simple strategy is to use 1, max 2 slides per lesson, with 20 secs of recap of that essential, long past material that will gain those few extra marks in an exam. Use at any point in the lesson, beginning middle and end would be ideal. Subliminal or what?!

Bringing alive the power point slide – Emma 

Use power point annotations and simple colour coding to explore pupil success and error – this makes a wonderful tool for AFL in the classroom. Using pupil’s work as a worked example on the board really allows the pupils to engage with common misconceptions and identify areas of improvement.

So there we are, 3 simple strategies designed to support and drive progress and learning for all.

We meet again in a fortnight – 12/3/19. As always, all staff are welcome – to listen and take-away or to bring their own nuggets and share-away!



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